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Do you provide a free estimate?

Yes. An estimate/budget will be provided to you after the site inspection. Our Estimator will provide several design options to suit your property and determine approximate costs for the project, based on your site conditions.

Do you complete a site inspection?

Yes. We provide a FREE ‘no obligation’ site inspection. Our Site Assessment Manager will attend to your site to determine and advise what can be done on the property. Unlike our competitors, completing this Site Inspection is important and encouraged, as it allows us to see opportunities and restrictions which aren’t visible when searching the property via. online portals.

What other costs can I expect from the tender?

We request the Contour Survey, 10.7 Planning Certificate and Soil Test to be completed so we can determine site conditions as early as possible. We pride ourselves on transparency. Instead of excluding items, we will provide an educated estimate of items we think will be incurred throughout the course of the project. Items may include (but are not limited to); rock excavation/removal, spoil removal, traffic allowance, etc.

How will I know what is happening during the Design, Approval and Construction process?

Your dedicated New South Homes representative will provide you with weekly updates; informing you about the week that was and what’s to be expected in the weeks ahead. We will ensure you feel well-informed and, most importantly, understand what is happening every step of the way, with our continual communication and support. Emails, phone calls & face-to-face meetings will be our main forms of correspondence.

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