You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

Do you provide a free estimate?

Yes. An estimate/budget will be provided to you after the site inspection. Our Estimator will provide several design options to suit your property and determine approximate costs for the project, based on your site conditions.

Do you complete a site inspection?

Yes. We provide a FREE ‘no obligation’ site inspection. Our Site Assessment Manager will attend to your site to determine and advise what can be done on the property. Unlike our competitors, completing this Site Inspection is important and encouraged, as it allows us to see opportunities and restrictions which aren’t visible when searching the property via. online portals.

What other costs can I expect from the tender?

We request the Contour Survey, 10.7 Planning Certificate and Soil Test to be completed so we can determine site conditions as early as possible. We pride ourselves on transparency. Instead of excluding items, we will provide an educated estimate of items we think will be incurred throughout the course of the project. Items may include (but are not limited to); rock excavation/removal, spoil removal, traffic allowance, etc.

How will I know what is happening during the Design, Approval and Construction process?

Your dedicated AR Homes representative will provide you with weekly updates; informing you about the week that was and what’s to be expected in the weeks ahead. We will ensure you feel well-informed and, most importantly, understand what is happening every step of the way, with our continual communication and support. Emails, phone calls & face-to-face meetings will be our main forms of correspondence.

Do you offer a Custom Design process?

Yes. If our standard range of homes does not appeal to you, we can provide a full Custom Design process, where you will be able to meet with one of our experienced resident Designers to create your dream home.

How flexible are you in changing your designs?

We utilise our plans as a first concept and then work closely with you to adapt the design to best suit your budget and lifestyle. We believe every client has different wants & needs; therefore, our philosophy is that no two houses are built the same.

Do you have colour consultants that can help with our internal and external selections?

Yes. We understand that there are a lot of decisions to make when building a home. Our in-house Interior Designer will be available to assist you with your selections and guide you through the colour selection process. We are associated with reputable suppliers, such as; Reece Plumbing, Amber Tiles and PGH Bricks, and one of their specialist representatives will be available to assist you when you visit their showroom to select bathroom items, tiles and bricks.

What is the difference between CDC & DA approval?

A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a NSW state government regulated Environmental Planning (SEPP) policy, which outlines the generic housing code requirements. If your proposed dwelling complies with the SEPP code, then you are eligible for approval through an accredited Private Building Certifier. A Development Application (DA) is a formal application that requires consent under the NSW Environment Planning & Assessment Act (EP&A) and can only be lodged to and approved by your local council. CDC is normally a more expedient and cost-effective process when compared to a DA, as CDC’s bypass neighbour notifications and are a generally shorter time-frame for approval. However, if your home doesn’t meet the requirements for a CDC, then lodgement for a DA is the alternative method. Although the DA process takes longer, the benefit of council is their planning policies can be more flexible with setbacks and floor-space ratio, and are often assessed on merit, as opposed to a strict guideline.

What happens after you receive the estimate?

Once you decide to progress from the sales estimate stage to the tender stage, a deposit will be made; which will include:        –  Contour Survey        –  10.7 Planning Certificate        –  Soil Test        –  Siting & Floor Plan        –  Compliance Check        –  Tender

Can you organise demolition?

Yes. We have several preferred demolition contractors that work with us. We can request a quote on your behalf for demolition and include that in our contract

When do we sign contracts?

We sign contracts after all the external consultant reports have been received, including (but not limited to); structural engineering, stormwater engineering and BASIX report. This way, the contract price is a true reflection of the final price you have to pay for your dream home, with no hidden costs!

How long will it take to build my house?

The process generally takes up to 12 months from the time you sign your tender to the completion of your home. We allow 3 months for Pre-Construction through a Private Certifying authority and 9 months to build your home. This is dependent, of course, on the size of your home and the block we are building on.

Can I walk through the house during Construction?

To comply with Work Health & Safety regulations, the site will be fenced off to prevent access without the accompaniment of a AR Homes representative. However, we value your input and offer you the opportunity for walk-throughs at each milestone stage of Construction, including (but not limited to):        –  Framing        –  Electrical Rough-In        –  Tiling        –  Kitchen        –  Practical Completion        –  Handover You are more than welcome to communicate with your Project Manager if you would like any additional walk-throughs.

How do we make payments?

Payments are made progressively to AR Homes, based on the home build stages. We finalize the stages based on inputs from our build team and your financing institute (in case of any special requirements) if needed.

How many homes do you build a year?

We build approximately 20 homes each year. Our belief is ‘quality over quantity’ and we are committed to providing you with the best level of service, in order to achieve high-quality results in Design, Approval & Construction.

Do you also build Granny Flats?

Yes. We offer custom Granny Flat designs through our sister company, Granny Flat Solutions. We can design attached or detached secondary dwellings, depending on your property and block size requirements. Some of our clients build Granny Flats first, then move in while we build the main home (principal dwelling).

Do you build with my plans?

Yes. We can build using owner-supplied plans. We will need to assess each plan to make sure they are detailed and provide adequate information for us to build a high-quality AR Home.

Do you offer landscaping?

We have several landscapers who work with us and are able to provide you with an obligation-free quote after all external drainage and service connections have been completed.

Do you include a post-handover maintenance period?

Yes. We include a 90-day maintenance period after handover with all our projects. Your Project Manager will attend to assess and organise any outstanding works needing rectification. More information on our after-sales service is provided at the appropriate stage.